A Theology Blog Meant for You

As a busy pastor with a ton a responsibilities, my wife is certainly going to ask me: “Why in the world did you think you needed to add something else to your plate? A blog? Really?”

My first response will be: “Dalton* made me do it!” After all, this blog is Dalton’s idea. Yet I am glad that he talked me into embarking on this new endeavor with him. As pastors together in the same local church, our desire is to see God’s people grow in the knowledge of Scripture, in their love for the Lord, and in their service to Jesus. I have been a pastor for just over a decade, and I have learned that the spiritual growth process must take place in that order. First love of Scripture, then love for God, then love to serve God

Once a person repents of his sin and surrenders his life to Jesus Christ as Lord, then the Holy Spirit begins to sanctify that person. Sanctification is the spiritual process whereby the Holy Spirit continually shapes and molds a Christian to become less like the world and more like Christ. Our desire is to facilitate and enflame that spiritual process of sanctification within you. We know there is no greater resource which God has given pastors to lead his people toward spiritual growth than the spiritual food of Scripture.

Our desire is to feed you solid food. Meat, not just milk. We want to answer those questions which have been gnawing away at your soul with the unchanging truths which can only be found in sacred Scripture. However, we are not writing to our seminary professors. Don’t misunderstand me. We have a deep appreciation for those guys, and they have taught us so much. But we aren’t called to shepherd our professors. We are called to shepherd the sheep. We want to pick the best fruit from the highest branches of God’s spiritual tree, otherwise known as the Bible, and then hand-deliver to you those spiritual truths which are the greatest sustenance you will ever find for your hungry soul.

If you are willing to dig deep into God’s Word, you will find unfading riches that you never knew existed. I want to prove to you that the following promise is true:

“The law of the Lord is perfect,

                        reviving the soul;

            The testimony of the Lord is sure,

                        making wise the simple.” Psalm 19:7

In my next article, I will explain the three basic “presuppositions” or “foundational starting-points” from which we will plumb the infinite depths of God’s unfathomable Word.


In Christ,

Brian Gunter

Pastor, FBC Pollock


*Dalton Adger is the Associate Pastor of our church and will be another writer on this blog, as well as the editor. He is also the coolest person I know. 😉